The bitcoin-train connection

Ever since Bitcoin came into prominence, there’s been a great deal of speculation about the shadowy creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Newsweek thinks they found him: A semi-retired engineer who dislikes banks and the government and the fees and difficulty associated with importing model train parts from England and Japan.

Well, if you’re going to invent a cryptocurrency, what better thing to spend it on than model train parts?

Of course, the Mr. Nakamoto that Newsweek found denies it all. He will probably continue to deny it all. But it makes sense to me, down to the trains. It sounds like he’s a very hardcore scratchbuilder, which gives him the chance to use his abilities to make something physical. And it can be a solitary pursuit if he wants it to be, or it can be a social pursuit if he wants.

The profile was interesting, but I’m annoyed that they left out one critical detail: What scale is he into?

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