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That’s it, I want to be an author again

I want to write a book. A short book. One that won’t mention computers at all, hopefully. I’m thinking 100-120 pages would be a good length. A Christian book. Not terribly deep, but very hands-on and practical, which will say what God has to say about a problem a growing number of people face. (What I have to say alone isn’t especially worthwhile. I’m just a journalist turned systems administrator, which means I studied a lot about nothing in particular in college, and somewhere along the way learned about computers.)
Back to that book. I want it to say to people what my heroes Paul Zindel, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Max Lucado said to me the first time I picked up and read a book written by each of them: Hey, I understand what you’re going through right now. Not only that, I understand you, because I’ve been there too. I know your doubts and your fears, because I’m having them right now. I know it doesn’t seem like enough that God says He’ll pull you through it, because I know He will, and yet it doesn’t seem like enough for me either.

Anyone out there have any experience in the Christian publishing biz, by any chance? (You never know.) The subject matter? Well, one might be able to make an educated guess, but I’d really rather not confirm anything just yet.

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7 thoughts on “That’s it, I want to be an author again”

  1. Dave,

    I support this decision fully. You are a fantastic writer and it is certainly not lack of talent that would prevent you from fulfilling this desire.


    1) A practical manual that fills in what the Bible lacks as far as practical wisdom (how to pray, how to talk to God, etc) is just what the world needs. The New Testament in particular just doesn’t have ‘advice’ regarding just how to emulate Christ, aside from the impossible.

    2) Try to make what you say universal, something that would appeal to the spirits of all religious seekers, something that would appeal to Christians and non-Christians alike. Prayer is universal and something a little mysterious in its nature. It is a subject all religions could use some clarification about.


  2. You have my support, I plan on maintaining my complete collection of your published works.

    What about self publishing as an option?

  3. Self-publishing is a last resort. I’d rather find a publisher who’s willing to pay me a little bit (as opposed to me paying a lot for the privelige of being in print) and handle the distribution for me. Maybe they’d even do a little bit of the promotion, although I know what I’d do differently this time as far as self-promotion.

  4. Dave,

    I am a member of Marcel Gagné’s mail list called Wftl-lug ( As you might know, he writes books and articles on Linux. He’s got a new book coming out that will deal with users wanting to move from a Windows desktop to a Linux desktop. He also writes for Linux Journal.

    Anyhow, he posted the following on the maillist mentioned above a week ago and it made me think of you:

    “Yesterday morning, I was a guest speaker at a breakfast for the opening of BookExpo ( I was invited to speak about the evolving Linux landscape (go figure) and, of course, my new book. The attendees were primarily booksellers looking to get a feel for where the computer/technical and science book market is headed. I’m please to report that my presentation went extremely well and was enthusiastically received. A number of people came to chat with me afterwards regarding Linux as a desktop OS.

    Before my speech, the VP of sales for Pearson TG in the states, gave a presentation on the state of the marketplace and emerging trends. I can’t give you details, but I’m happy to report that Linux is seen as rapidly growing industry, one that everyone was advised to watch out for, and pay real attention to when it came time to stock shelves. The bottom line, in a
    nutshell, was that Linux was an evolving trend that shows no signs of slowing down.”

    I understand that writing computer books is not on the top of your mind these days but if you ever decide to get back into that then I think the market is rapidly becoming ready for it.


    Dave T.

  5. Terrific news Dave. I enjoy your writing, and check in here most every day. Your style never seems forced. You have plenty of expert knowledge to share in many fields. I heartily encourage your renewed desire to publish on any topic. I don’t have any ties to publishing, but I think your relative youth, your sincerity, and your non-intimidating tone will serve you well in the Christian Publishing market.

    Best of luck,


  6. I am a MIS / programmer / jack of all things technical during the day, and a Christian web author/struggling writer at night. I can completely relate to the urge to write, and needing to express what God has on your heart. For me it has been harder to start then anything. I have a half finished Christian novel (maybe 400 pages when done) that has been untouched for six months now, and a Christian study guide that I have in my mind but have never even begun to write. I will pray that you have better luck getting it all done then I have.

    As for a Christian publisher I have looked at a few but not had any real great leads on them. I would also add that I agree with one of the above post that self publishing is NOT the way to go. Way too much hassle, let someone that knows how to do use their skills for you.

    Stay strong, be couragous, and serve God mightly.


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