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I’ve only wanted tags for about 10 years. Tags are little keywords you can use to help categorize blog posts. And the first blog I ever saw use them used them liberally. You’d read a post, and at the bottom, there were links to similar posts.

I found a way to make WordPress automatically tag all 1800+ posts here. Many of the tags are nonsensical, but they seem to work. I’m finding all sorts of related content all of a sudden. Which makes sense, seeing as I tend to write about maybe 20 different things over and over. Due to the many migrations I’ve made with this blog, much of my content was never categorized, let alone anything else. Now it’s all cross-referenced. Finding related content is easy. Depending on the age of the related content, it’s not always enlightening, but often it is.

So I hope you like it. I know I do. Suddenly it’s far, far easier for me to find stuff on my own blog. And I wrote all this stuff. If I didn’t know it was all there, then how will anyone else?

1 thought on “Tagged!”

  1. Hey, things are starting to look good around here! You’re right, between tags and the similar posts plug-in, I surprise myself constantly with old content I’d written and long forgot about.

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