I found this chart earlier this week regarding SSD write endurance. Basically, it plots out how long an SSD would last if you set out to deliberately destroy it by writing to it continuously.

You could expect a mainstream 128-GB drive to last 4.7 years under those conditions, which is longer than a platter hard drive would last if subjected to the same kind of abuse. Other studies have similar results.

This is why I’m defiantly running a database-backed web site off an SSD. I’m actually more confident in the reliability of a quality SSD than I am in the reliability of a spinning disk, at this point, and this graph shows why.

Granted, I’m not done. I eventually want to move certain data, like cache files and logs, to tmpfs (RAM). It’s cheap insurance, but my main motivation for it is reducing latency even further. With the number of comments this site gets now that I’m blocking spam rather than filtering it, I expect this drive to run out of capacity before it runs out of time.

I’ve always thought SSDs were made for database and web servers. Now that I’ve seen it firsthand, I definitely recommend it.