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Spinrite, Mac troubleshooting, and elections

SpinRite is your friend. Gatermann was telling me about instability with one of his Win98 boxes; he re-installed about 6 times with no better results when he ran SpinRite on his drive. It found tons of bad sectors that Scandisk wasn’t finding. He swapped out the drive and Win98 went back to its normal rate of instability.

Unfortunately, SpinRite doesn’t yet support NTFS, making it less useful for those who run NT or W2K.

More Mac troubleshooting. If your Mac crashes while printing, there’s a decent chance it’ll crash at bootup immediately afterward. I was troubleshooting a startup problem on a G4 and spent a good two hours before I noticed a document in one of the printer icons on the desktop. I rebooted without extensions, opened each printer and deleted any and all documents in them, and rebooted again. Then the G4 went back to its normal rate of instability.

Election “troubleshooting.” If you’re wondering why recounts can be different each time, here’s a perspective you’re not finding in the mainstream media from WorldNetDaily. You probably suspect, like I do, that this is less about recounts than it is about looking for Gore votes. It may actually be manufacturing Gore votes.

These guys are definitely right-leaning, which bothers me about as much as left-leaning, but at least they’re honest and not trying to push leftist coverage off as objective.

I continue to contend that objective coverage is very difficult, if not impossible, but that doesn’t matter because no one even wants to practice objective news coverage anymore. That’s why I left the news business.

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