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Sorry I’ve been AWOL lately

The last few days I’ve been having a really hard time concentrating due to headaches and stuff like that. So although I’ve had time to sit down and write, I haven’t really been able to actually sit down and do it.

I’m going to see the doctor on Monday. I’m really hoping that my osteopath will act like an osteopath and do OMT on my neck this time, rather than giving me more harsh drugs.

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2 thoughts on “Sorry I’ve been AWOL lately”

  1. Hope you feel better soon. I can sympathize with the neck pain,
    mine from a minor whiplash incident. Now it’s a good days/bad
    days sort of condition. I too didn’t care much for the drugs so I
    basically put up with it and try to be careful on the bad days.
    Several people have recommended a chiropractor but honestly I’m
    too reluctant. Relief provided by the good ones seems to be
    temporary and the less skilled can really aggravate a problem. I’m
    sure you’re smart enough to get 2nd and even 3rd opinions on
    whatever action. I know too many people my age with bad necks
    from bad advice. Be as sure as you can before accepting any
    drastic course of treatment

    Some things you must love because they’re impossible to like

  2. With chiropractors sometimes it’s hard to know what you’re going to get. My girlfriend’s MD put it pretty well: Chiropractors are fine until they start trying to cure diseases.

    Being born from a line of osteopaths, my view is biased, but I don’t believe either the MDs or the DCs (chiropractors) have the whole view. An MD’s answer to everything is drugs, and a DC’s answer to everything is an activator. Osteopathy came around about the same time as Chiropractics did, and it was founded on much the same principle. Osteopathy’s founder had worked as a mechanic, and noticed that just as a machine’s parts can be displaced, so can a person’s bones, and he hypothesized that displacement caused a lot of problems.

    Where the hypothesis breaks down is if you substitute words like "no" or "all" in place of "a lot of." Sometimes the answer is to move stuff around, and sometimes the answer is to whip out the chemicals or scalpel. Sometimes it’s all three.

    As an osteopath, my dad could do virtually everything a chiropractor could do, as well as absolutely everything an M.D. could do. He was licensed to prescribe drugs (including narcotics) and do surgery (though he would have only done that in a dire emergency–he didn’t have the steady hand for it).

    My doctor doesn’t do OMT (the osteopathic equivalent to what a chiropractor does) very often because a lot of people don’t seem to believe in it anymore. I believe in it, because my dad used to do OMT on me all the time and it helped me.

    Well, when I told my doctor that my dad used to do OMT, he had me spin around on the table. I felt a few joints pop, and 30 seconds later he was done. He told me I might need to come back for a couple more manipulations and they may not help, but if they help me, he can do them.

    The pain hasn’t come back since, so I guess they must have helped.

    So now it’s about time to deal with those pains in my lower neck….

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