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Some downtime yesterday…

Late last night at some point my router decided to quit forwarding port 80. I reset it and all was well. My apologies for the outage.
I made the mistake of downloading the demo version of Baseball Mogul last night and I played it for several hours. The good news is, according to Baseball Mogul, the Royals are one star pitcher and a star catcher away from contention. The bad news is it’s hard to come by those two things, and when you’re the size of the Royals, it’s hard to afford them. Usually you find yourself overpaying for second-rate players you think you can afford.

The thing that keeps me from slapping down my 30 bucks and paying for it is the time factor. I know I’ll play it like crazy. I like this game’s approach because you’re the GM, rather than an arcade-style game like most baseball sims, or the field manager like most statistical sims. As much as I love on-field baseball strategy, I love wheeling and dealing and watching finances even more.

Speaking of slapping down money, there are a bunch of sales out there starting today. I posted more details in the forums, but after rebates, there are plenty of hard drives to be had in the $50-$60 range for the next few days, and if you need a $20 CD-ROM drive, CompUSA is your friend.

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3 thoughts on “Some downtime yesterday…”

  1. The $20 cd-rom is a Delta and I went looking for a review. It was a tough find but a link is here
    Out of 28 responses 45% said "yuk". Soooooo, I would think caution is advised here.
    I went looking because I am in the process of building a 2nd computer out of my old parts and needed a cd-rom but I for one will not be purchasing this one..:)

  2. Wow. The one I got Memorial Day worked fine for my one-off Linux install (and the couple of times I had to read an RPM off the disc). Then again, that’s about all I use a CD-ROM drive for these days–initial install of the OS.

    Thanks for the link.

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