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So, I was gonna write some cool stuff this weekend…

But I gots a dead server. No, this server’s fine, but one of the servers at work is dying a horrible death. So I’ll be dealing with that this weekend, instead of writing cool stuff. Part of me wants to complain, but then another part of me reminds me that it’s because of emergencies like this that I have a nice house and a nice car and I’m ahead of schedule on paying off both of them, so that part of me shuts up pretty fast.

So anyway, I may not resurface for a few days, depending on how this goes.

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4 thoughts on “So, I was gonna write some cool stuff this weekend…”

  1. My weekend of work was last weekend. Well into the night Sunday doing database admin work.

    That’s the bad that I have to take with the mostly good things. Hope it’s going well for you this weekend.


    1. IIRC Mepis is a live CD distro, originally based on or similar to Knoppix. The idea being that you can run from CD, but offering the ability to install on a hard drive. I”ve done that with Knoppix, which is great. Tried Mepis once, but it didn’t totally agree with the older laptop that I tried it on.

      I believe that it’s Debian based, and maintained mostly by one guy (Warren something?), but who apparently is very responsive. Opinion that I’ve read seems to be that Mepis shows a lot of promise.

      If you’re looking for a live CD distro you might be interested in this article.


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