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So far, 2003 looks like 1984, only better

It’s supposed to be a rebuilding year. The Royals start their season with four young, inexperienced pitchers in their starting rotation and a neo-veteran lefty who’s languished for several years, brought in for a variety of reasons, none of which would do for most teams: He’s left-handed, he can throw some innings, he’s more experienced than the rest of the rotation, and there’s a slight chance this is the first time he’s gotten a fair shake. And they’ve started the season without their star center fielder.
Yep, that’s the Royals today.

Only it isn’t. I just described the 1984 Royals. Against all odds, they won their division and went on to the playoffs that year. They were steamrolled by the Detroit Tigers, but considering they were just hoping to finish the year at .500 and hit the next level in a year or two, just getting to the playoffs was an achievement.

While 2003 sounds eerily familiar, the 1984 Royals didn’t start their season 4-0.

I want to believe. I really do.

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