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Hey, it’s time for the weekend! No? What do you mean? I’ve put in my 40 hours… You mean yesterday was Wednesday? It’s Thursday, not Saturday? Rats.
Do me a favor. Pray that the people I support quit opening attachments they get from their non-corporate mail accounts. Once we get these virus infestations under control, I can go back to a regular work schedule and having a life.

One amusing story from this week. On Tuesday, the administrative assistant flagged me down. “Would you lock up Tim’s laptop in the back room? He went home and left it in his cube again.” So I went and got his laptop and locked it in our staging room. I left a note on his desk.


All your laptop are belong to us.

I didn’t sign it or anything.

This morning, Tim walked into my area. “You have my laptop back here?”

I got out the key and opened the staging room. “How’d you know?” I asked.

“Something about the way the note was worded told me to come find you,” he said.

I guess I’m just too predictable. And obviously I’m slap-happy because I think that’s absolutely hilarious. I think I really need to get some sleep.

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  1. Everyone, please remember to pray that Dave’s clients immediately stop opening attachments they get from noncorporate email accounts, so that Dave can have some rest and relaxation.

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