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Sick.. AGAIN.

I’m sick again, so I’m back on the Numotizine Cataplasm, which is Dr. Farquhar’s secret weapon against a cough. No, I’m not playing doctor. My dad and his dad were, and it was what they used.

Use at the first sign of a cough. You won’t regret it.I’m also using Zicam-branded zinc spray and cheapy generic zinc lozenges. And I’m taking my sister’s anti-cold vitamin *censored*tail three times a day: 3 grams of vitamin C, 1,200 IU of vitamin E, 150 mg of zinc (but only 50 mg in the morning–bad things happen if you take too much zinc early in the morning), three echinacea tablets, and some vitamin A. Vitamin A is lethal in large doses, so I’m not comfortable saying how much I take. Lawsuits and all.

That’s a lot to remember, so I like to buy bottles of 400 IU caplets of vitamin E, 50 mg tablets of Zinc, and 1,000 mg tablets of vitamin C to make it easy on myself. Three of each, three times a day, for three days.

After three days, back off to three of each once a day for another seven days.

There are people who claim that certain brands of vitamins are better than others, and while it’s true that some brands give better absorption than the rest, the cheapie vitamins from Kmart have done just fine for me.

None of these things will cure a cold, although those vitamins seem to be able to knock one out if you manage to catch it early enough. Any one of them has the potential to severely cut down on the symptoms, and together, they’re even better.

Your mileage will vary. I’m not a doctor. Talk to your doctor first. I’m not responsible for what happens. And all other standard disclaimers apply.

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  1. Rats. Back to Google… That was how I found it at AmericaRX the first time. I have about half a jar left so I probably ought to order some more.

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