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Last Updated on April 18, 2017 by Dave Farquhar

AMD. According to the latest rumors on Ace’s Hardware and The Register, the Palomino core, when released, will be known as the Athlon 4. This is a marketing move; the Palomino is a less radical change to the core and the architecture than Thunderbird was. I think it’s a good marketing move, but it won’t do anything to make people less confused.
Tech support story of the day. A user one of my colleagues supports received an LS-120 superdisk in the mail. This user had no LS-120 drive, only a floppy drive. So my colleague went up to look at the disk and locate an LS-120 drive to read the disk. When he hunted down an LS-120 drive, he stuck in the disk, looked at it, and found a single file on it–a Word document. The file size? 32.5K!

But I guess it could have been worse. At least it wasn’t a 4K file…

Discussion groups. I’m not the least bit happy with how they look, and the performance isn’t so grand (an upgrade next week should help that), but I’ll go ahead and open up my forums. They’re at At the moment they’re totally open. I’ll bolt them down if spam, flame wars, or other things become a problem. I tend to be very open until that openness is abused, then I become a dictator.

I believe you can register without giving a true e-mail address, so you can use a spam filter if you’re afraid of that. Cookies are just used for automatic login and for timeouts–they’re good cookies.

The board is powered by YaBB, a free bulletin board written in Perl. Some things about it I like better than UBB, which is what most forums out there seem to use. I don’t like its color handling, but I’ll sacrifice that to gain other features.

Go ahead, take a look around, start posting stuff, and offer suggestions.

Why the forums when we’ve got comments? Well, I assume people want to talk about more than just what I talk about on a given day. This is preferable to e-mail because I have more options for reading it and it’s already online. Plus there’s always the chance someone else could pipe in with an answer.

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