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Selling out

OK, ok, I’m selling out. I don’t want ads on my front page here, but I signed up for a couple of affiliate programs. And one of those vendors–Software And Stuff/Surplus Computers, is selling $20 microATX Socket A motherboards. If you visit my ads page and click on a link and buy something, I get a kickback. They say the $20 price is only good until midnight. Regular price is $30, which still isn’t bad.

2 thoughts on “Selling out”

  1. My primary computer that I built about a year and a half ago came from Computer Geeks. I learned about them from you.
    We need to know about these companies. It saves us money and anxiety.

  2. I’ve bought from the geeks before, and never had a problem with anything: products, delivery, or support. They’re good folks to deal with.

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