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SCO stoops to RIAA tactics

SCO is now threatening legal action against corporations that use Linux, since it supposedly infringes on their intellectual property but they haven’t revealed the infringing code yet. I guess they need to start by suing themselves.

3 thoughts on “SCO stoops to RIAA tactics”

  1. 100% pure Grade A desperation. Their product line isn’t compelling unless you’re upgrading from an earlier version–BSD and Linux are better, and they’d be better even if cost wasn’t an issue. Their intellectual property isn’t as good as what’s available for free from either the BSD or GNU camps. Caldera’s Linux distribution was half-baked, so they merged with SCO and moved their business model to the proprietary Unixes, but that’s dying too. Basically SCO has a bunch of unsustainable products. They’re trying to bully someone into buying them out. Since IBM hasn’t reached for the checkbook, now they’re hoping someone else will.

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