Curt Schilling didn’t read the script tonight. I don’t know where this Yankees-scoring-twice-in-the-first business came from.

Here’s how it was supposed to go.1. Schilling hits Derek "Mariah Carey isn’t good enough for me" Jeter with the first pitch.
2. Schilling hits A-spoiled-brat-Rod with the second pitch.
3. Schilling hits Sheffield with the third pitch.
4. Schilling fans Matsui on three pitches.
5. Schilling throws one pitch over the head of Bernie "Jim Edmonds isn’t as good of a center fielder as me" Williams. Then fans him on three pitches. Looking.
6. Schilling fans Jorge Posada on three pitches.

That’s how you become the toast of Boston. As well as everyplace else where the Yankees are hated. Which is everywhere.