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RIP, Steve Jobs

Though I’m sure you’ve seen it hundreds of other places, the tech industry lost its most memorable pioneer and greatest marketer today. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died, aged 56, after years of declining health.Mr. Jobs, of course, introduced the first commercially successful computers to use a mouse, and brought the many innovations of Xerox PARC–the mouse, the graphical interface, the laser printer–out of a research lab and into our homes. He turned Unix into something ordinary mortals could use. He co-founded Apple, left, and when he returned, he turned Apple from a fast-fading powerhouse into a company too large for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. And along the way he turned Pixar from a neglected division in George Lucas’ empire into the creator of many beloved movies, all computer-animated, and the first ones appeared before computers were even a fixture in every home.

Mr. Jobs was human like everyone else, but undeniably an accomplished one who left his indelible mark on, by my count, four industries: computers, telephones, music, and movies. And I expect at least some parts of his legacy will extend beyond this century.

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