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Revolutionary new computer maintenance trick!

That got you going, didn’t it? At least I hope it did. I know I’m not the only one who has a problem with the screw-in posts on the back of computers coming off. I’m talking the posts next to your video port, your parallel printer port, serial ports, and all that.I was working on a computer tonight that had that problem and I finally thought of a way to keep that from happening. It’s an old trick I first heard of more than 20 years ago, but I only just now remembered it.

Glue those posts into place so they won’t turn on you. Before you screw something into them, of course. Permanently attaching your monitor to your computer isn’t a good thing.

Superglue works just fine for this. For a bond that’s less permanent–and less manly–but nearly as strong, use nail polish. I’m sure there’s a proper way to apply it but I just brush on a little bit like paint. It doesn’t take much.

Make that minor modification, and then after King Kong comes and tightens all of your connections on the back of the computer–I know my house isn’t the only one he visits, but I do wonder how he manages to put everything back exactly the way I had it–you’ll be able to get those cables disconnected without taking all of your posts with it.

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