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Registrations aren’t working for everyone

It’s come to my attention that registrations aren’t working for everyone. It appears that some mail servers don’t like mail from my system. A peek at the mail headers explains why–I have to admit, it does look a bit suspicious. So if you’ve registered and never received confirmation e-mail, that’s why.

I’m going to try to fix it this week. In the meantime, I need to go through and find the people who’ve registered but never logged in and contact them. I may be able to do this as soon as tonight. So please, bear with me and hang in there.

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1 thought on “Registrations aren’t working for everyone”

  1. and here I thought it was just my bad luck…

    When I setup a mail server from home, I found out that RoadRunner doesn’t block the SMTP or POP3 ports, but does actively scan them looking for and testing for open relays.

    Of course, then I found out that most national ISP’s reject SMTP mail from “residential” IP address ranges of other ISP’s. I guess that’s why offers mail forwarding service to their users. One more thing to look up, set up, and maintain. Fun, fun, fun.

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