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Recovery, Day 3.

I saw Emily again last night. My heart sank a little when they said at the front desk she was still in ICU, but Emily was a lot better yesterday. She was much more alert, and I saw her give a couple of people dirty looks, including me. She talked about the people who came to see her. She remembered me coming to see her, but she thought it was during the day rather than Monday night. Narcotics do that, and she’s still on strong stuff. I’m surprised how much she remembers from yesterday, but I doubt she’ll remember a whole lot a week from now. I know when I’ve messed myself up seriously, codeine seriously killed the flashbulb effect, and she’s on stronger stuff than codeine.
She was still in ICU, but it had nothing to do with her. They had a busy evening in the ER, so they didn’t have adequate available staff to move her. I heard some rumblings she may get to go home Thursday.

Hmm. There’s more to say but it’s late and I’m tired after having just spent all night on the phone. But I think I can sum most of it up in this. On Monday, I saw someone who was vulnerable. On Tuesday, I saw a fighter.

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2 thoughts on “Recovery, Day 3.”

  1. Yes, you’re tired, and she is hurting. Who is in a better position to think about what happens Thursday?
    You’re doing great, just think ahead. (Yes, people do get heavy drugs in ICU.)

  2. I’ve been in the ICU a few times and the drugs, in addition to the mind, really do help you forget the more tramatic events.

    God be with you Emily.

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