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Questions from the logs

If one person uses a password, another will. That’s a popular hacking theory. If that’s true, then chances are if one person asks a question, another will. So here are three short questions (one completely unrelated to the others) I found in my logs over the weekend, and their answers.

Can I use a CISSP book to study for SSCP? I moved the content of this section to a separate post here.

What can damage a Lionel train? Not a lot. Moisture, definitely, since that causes corrosion and rust. Not lubricating it properly. If it squeaks or squeals while it’s running, it needs grease and oil. Other than physically dropping it, I can’t think of much else.

Can I mix Lionel Fastrack and old track? Yes, you can use a Lionel Fastrack transition piece. I’ve moved the rest of the details to a separate post here.

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