Yep, I’ve been away. I’ve got a few problem children at work. Two of them are computers.
Yes, that means some of the problem children are human. Actually, they’re coworkers. I won’t get into that because if I do I’ll say a whole lot of things I’ll regret later.

I’ve got a problematic server that’s loaded down way too much–it’s the PDC and main file server for one of my clients. It’s also the DNS and the WINS server. And the print server. I know, I know. You don’t mix domain controllers and WINS. I didn’t set it up. I also know you don’t mix PDCs and file or print services. Like I said, I didn’t set it up. It’s been crashing and giving odd problems a lot lately. I’d like to bring up a BDC, promote it, then shut this machine down and bring up a file/print server by the same name and restore the shares from backup. If next week goes like this week did, I’ll probably be asked to do that.

I’ve also got an NT box running a really old version of Oracle. It’s crashed more today than it has in the previous three years. Right now my job is to put band-aids on it, and hope it makes it through the night.

So that’s why I haven’t been writing.