Point of clarification: Links are always welcome

A longtime reader asked me today if it’s OK if he links to me from another forum. He happens to know I don’t especially care for that particular forum, or at least haven’t in the past.

I said that linking to content here is always welcome, and for any purpose.

Even if a user on the forum run by the worst, most corrupt magazine in the English-speaking world–yes, I have a nomination for that, and no, I’m not going to mention it by name–wanted to link to me, the incoming link would be welcome. Why wouldn’t it be? Maybe the person running the forum I don’t like will click on it, visit my site, and become enlightened.

There are sites that have strict policies against what they call “deep linking”–links to anything but their front page. I can’t think of a single good reason to do that. You can feel free to deep-link to this site all you want.

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