PC Magazine has its reader’s choice awards for home networking equipment online

PC Magazine posted its reader’s choice awards for home networking equipment Monday. PC Magazine‘s reader surveys aren’t gospel, but they’re valuable. They’re a cross-section of the opinions of people who care enough about technology to read the magazine, and as such, I give it more weight than what, say, Consumer Reports says.

In the past, I’ve found the results of those surveys valuable. It helps you track what companies are on the upswing and which companies are slipping. Life at the top can be short, but it’s a lot easier to stay at the top than it is to slip for several years and then climb back to the top.

I’m glad to see PC Magazine is tracking home networking equipment, because that was a shot in the dark for years. And I’m a little surprised at the #2 name in routers: Asus. Like PC Magazine says, that’s not what Asus is known for. But if people are happy with them and they’re reliable, that makes them a good choice. And while you won’t find them at your local big-box store, they’re easy to find online.

The survey also rated ISPs, but that’s a little less useful. The top ISPs are Verizon, Wow Cable, and Cox Digital Cable. That’s great if you can get them. In St. Louis you can get AT&T or Charter. It’s not like the dialup days when you could chose from a dozen national providers as long as you lived in a heavily populated area.

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