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Oh yeah. I have a Web site.

You ask me how I am
And all I can say is I still exist…
–lyrical snippet I wrote in 1997

Yep, I’m hacked off and moody, and when I get this way, it’s best if I say little more than yeah, I still exist. I know I won’t regret saying or writing that.

BBQ. I know I cut way back on my red meat intake–I may have managed to eat none at all in October, I’m not sure–but I have this fantasy of moving back to Kansas City, buying a house next door to Gates BBQ–no relation to that scumbag Billy Gates in Seattle–setting up an expense account, and eating BBQ three meals a day. BBQ for breakfast? Don’t dis it until you’ve tried it. But make sure it’s real BBQ. Here in St. Louis, restaurants tend to do Memphis-style BBQ, which is where you cook the meat without sauce until it’s good and dried out, then you splash some spicy sauce on it and call it BBQ. Kansas Citians know real BBQ is cooked long, slow, and in sauce. It adds a little flavor and keeps the meat from drying out as much.

Gates three times a day. Sounds like a great solution to any problem. Or at least a nice distraction.

Music. I’ve been listening to a CD my sister sent me by a band called claas-p.jambor. I know nothing about them, because their Web site is a Flash site and I’ve removed that blight from all my PCs, permanently. (Now if I can just get them to quit prompting me for the plugin…) Well, I do know this: Their music is awesome. Ever listen to a CD, then come to a song that makes you just stop the disc and put that song on repeat play for a couple of hours? “Open Skies” is one of those songs. I know I’m not the only one like that: when Beavis and Butthead saw a video they really liked, they said MTV should just play that video over and over. Beavis and Butthead wouldn’t like claas-p.jambor though. Too punky, and they’re Christian.

But three-chord Christian punk seems to be just what I’ve been looking for.

Blogging. Dan Bowman sent me a link to a site that looks promising. If you like it when I go off on my non-computer tangents, you’ll probably find him interesting. If you wonder what it’s like to be a Catholic priest, or a former Catholic priest, you’ll probably like it. He’s only been at it for a week or so. I like him. He shoots straight, makes me think, and holds just enough back to keep an aura about him. I think he’s more enigmatic than I am.

Effective e-mail communication. I guess I have to do a little computer stuff, huh? Here’s a snippet from a piece of e-mail I sent this morning, to someone who’s about to attend a seminar on effective communications:

“Dave’s rule #1: Make sure what you’re trying to communicate will actually be delivered. Therefore, you should avoid Outlook at all costs.”

To which he responded, Outlook is effective for sending mail bombs, viruses, Powerpoint presentations and Flash animations. I’m sure it transmits Anthrax just fine too. But I’ve had three, maybe even four people have Outlook just flat die in the past week. The answer is sometimes to run nfclean.exe and scanpst.exe. Sometimes I have to delete the user’s NT profile and import their PST. Sometimes I have to completely reinstall.

I hate Outlook. I hate Windows. And I can’t have another Amiga.

Give me Unix or give me death.

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6 thoughts on “Oh yeah. I have a Web site.”

  1. We had this nasty Outlook + Windows NT problem back at a radio station we worked with in Cleveland (TN not OH).

    Essentially, their profile would just disappear. We would recreate the profile, but it would promptly disappear again. The only way to really fix this problem was to completely re-install Windows. We eventually created a restore disc for the PC so alls we had to do was stick it in and reboot. All of their data was stored on the file server, so we didn’t have to worry about losing anything from the PC. In the end, I think we narrowed it down to a faulty network cable, but that doesn’t quite seem plausible to me (but my boss liked the idea, and we ran new wiring for them… 🙁 )

  2. Ah Outlook, the scourge of corporate workers everywhere.

    Give me Lotus Notes or give me something else or give me a huge steak and a nice cold beer. Please!


  3. Can’t buy Notes because you can’t trust IBM. Give IBM too much money and they’ll try to take over the world. And they’ll abandon the product too, supposedly. So what if the product works?

    So we’ll give Microsoft billions of dollars and let them control everything instead. And abandon products at will. So what if the product doesn’t work?

    Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

    I could never be in upper management. I’ve got too much between my ears.

  4. I’m responding to the above message on Claas Jambor. I’m excited to see that you enjoy his music!!! Claas is one of my best friends…I actually sang background vocals for him last weekend in Wichita, Kansas. Just to tell you a little about him, since you can’t see his web site…he lives in Germany but travels a lot here in the U.S. leading worship in different cities. He’s an incredible musician and an all over wonderful guy!! I’ve known him for 4 years and this summer I’m traveling to Germany to sing with him which I’m really excited about!!! I’ll tell him that you like his new cd!!!! I’m sure he’ll enjoy hearing it!!!

  5. I also am good friends with Claas- I’m so excited that his music is being spread around. His message is great- and his music rocks. His heart for God is huge and he defies a tradition religious mindset. I hope you get flash and check out his web page. Email him from there and find out when he’s coming near you for a concert. Blessings.

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