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OCZ is in trouble

You know it’s bad when a story about a company ends with the words, “OCZ’s survival is still possible.

Survival is supposed to be a given.

I was a big fan of OCZ’s first successful low-end SSD, but the Sandforce-related growing pains scared me off from buying another one of their drives.

A year ago, a technician at Micro Center told me they were getting a lot of returns on OCZ drives, and by that time I was in the habit of buying drives from Samsung or Intel anyway.

OCZ has had other problems over the course of the last year or so, and if the problems are this deep, it might explain why Seagate lost interest in buying them so suddenly. There’s no reason to pay full price for a company that struggles to answer a simple question like how much money you made last quarter. The official line was that OCZ’s CEO wanted a seat on Seagate’s board, but OCZ’s struggles since make me wonder if they saw something more.

It probably makes sense for Seagate to watch and see if the price comes down, and/or if they’ll have the opportunity to buy just the OCZ businesses that fit Seagates needs, rather than having to buy the whole business and then discontinue or sell off the pieces they don’t need. If Seagate wants to be in the business of selling DDR3 modules and the PC Power & Cooling product line, that’s probably news to everyone.

Update: In November 2013, OCZ liquidated and its assets were sold to Toshiba.

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