Nook charger replacement

Last Updated on April 15, 2023 by Dave Farquhar

If you lost your charger for your Nook, you have some options for Nook charger replacement. What you need depends on what kind of Nook you have.

Nook charger replacement options

Nook charger replacement
If you lost the charger for your Nook e-reader or tablet, you have some options. The adapter and cable for your Android phone will work, for example.

The Nook Color and Nook tablets used a special higher amperage AC adapter and cable to help it charge faster. In a pinch, you can use a regular Android-compatible charger with a standard micro USB connector. The original charger worked faster, so getting an original one off Ebay is a better long term solution. While you wait for that to arrive, use a standard charger for any Android phone or tablet. It will take longer to charge, but it will work in the meantime. Besides, charging the battery more slowly on occasion is a good way to condition the battery so it lasts longer. So this is something you may want to do once a month or so anyway, just to help the battery go longer between replacements.

Nook e-readers with old-school e-ink screens use a regular Android-compatible charger. Any charger for a garden-variety Android phone or tablet will work for charging a Nook Simple Touch or other Nook e-readers. It’s entirely possible you have one or more of these around the house anyway. And if not, they are easy to pick up locally. Any consumer electronics store will carry a suitable Android phone charger.

Last and least, use a micro USB charger cable to plug your Nook into a computer. It won’t charge as quickly off your computer’s USB port, but it will work if you can’t find a wall charger.

If you’d like some more generic advice about AC adapters, here are my recommendations for general AC adapter substitution.

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