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New stuff and old stuff

New stuff. Hmm. I think I need to adopt a new stylebook
Old stuff. And, thanks to some SQL heroics by Steve DeLassus, a couple hundred vintage posts from about a six-month span in late 2000 and early 2001 are now online here. I liberated them from my ancient site at (which, I guess, was Silicon Underground version 2.0). This is two generations later. As old entries gain attention I’ll give them categories and proper titles. A lot of the stuff’s obsolete but I’m sure it’ll interest someone. Last I checked, the old site was getting a hundred or two hits per day consistently.

New stuff. And speaking of old site incarnations, once I’ve decided exactly what mods I want to install and use, I’ll flip the switch on the new site, based on the latest version of b2. The most obvious improvement for most readers will be the spiffy new calendar. It’ll also bring in trackbacks and pingbacks for interaction with other blogs. It also makes some changes to make search engines happier.

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2 thoughts on “New stuff and old stuff”

  1. OH PLEASE PLEASE tell me that was sarcasm. Right?
    You may be a gen-xer, but still white on black? even YOUR life isn’t that horrific.



  2. I find gray on black easier to read than any color combination but since a few people object to that, I stick with this one since nobody’s ever objected to it.

    But I was thinking of the writing style, not the site design

    d00d, ur site sux0r’z…

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