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Nasty weather takes down a site (this one)

Last night, we got pounded with some severe storms here in St. Louis. My power flickered off a couple of times and actually stayed down twice that I know about. The longest outage was a couple of hours.
There was lots of other goofy stuff going on too–I heard sirens almost nonstop for about half of the long outage. After the rain let up, I went out to my car a couple of times to listen to the radio but I didn’t find out anything useful.

And, of course, any time there’s severe weather, my Internet connection goes goofy. Since my networking equipment and Web server are on UPSs, I think the site actually stayed up a good while after I lost power.

Anyway, there’s another round of storms rolling in tonight, and there’s supposed to be another one tomorrow too. Less severe, or so they say. We’ll see.

If the site is up and down a lot for the next few days, that’s why. Don’t worry. Once summer arrives in St. Louis, we should have some pretty smooth sailing. (I don’t know what to call the season we’re in right now.)

I wish I had something interesting to talk about, but I don’t. I slept through the night last night but I sure didn’t sleep very well. So my idea bank isn’t exactly running over right now. It might be just as well–I don’t know how many people will be able to read whatever I post.

6 thoughts on “Nasty weather takes down a site (this one)”

  1. Dave,
    I’ll read anything up to and including psychotic ramblings. I hope your sleep problems are temporary.

  2. Houston typically has a lot of “exciting” weather, but amazingly, my power seems to have become pretty stable in recent months. I track it with software.

    What, you say, this guy tracks power outages with software? Only in a manner of speaking. Like Dave, I have a Linux server, on a UPS. Uptime 251 days, so 8 months and change since my last power outage of consequence.

    Anyway, sometimes it’s good to have a little excitement, even of an aggravating sort, to take your mind off other sources of unhappiness.

  3. Not to brag toooo much, but over here on the West Coast, it’s been really, REALLY nice. For the last three and a half weeks, it hasn’t rained once. Been over 15C the whole time, mostly in the 20’s (sorry – we don’t do Farenheit(?) in Canada…). Really, REALLY nice. Ahh…I love Vancouver. You should move here! of course, with your savings & stuff, you could be a millionaire in Canada!

  4. You so lucked out, Dave. Just a mere 10 minutes away and I was without power for almost 36 hours. And my dog ran away during the worst of it. I was going to call you and ask for help, but figured you had better things to do. Luckily, everything had a happy ending, but the contents of my fridge…

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