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Modem madness

Well, the 2wire modem experiment is officially over. I broke down and ordered a D-Link combo router/modem/WAP today. I rely heavily enough on my Internet connection to justify having something with a warranty and at the beginning of his lifecycle.After a bad experience with a D-Link switch a few years ago I would have preferred a Netgear unit, but the Netgear equivalent is getting hard to find. There’s a draft-N version of the Netgear out there, but I don’t need that capability, and prefer to buy mature technology anyway.

So we’ll see how the D-Link goes. I’ll post a full review after a few days with it. Decent reviews of that kind of equipment are very hard to come by.

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1 thought on “Modem madness”

  1. First impression: Easy to set up if you’ve done anything like it before. Faster and (so far) more reliable than my old Speedstream. Gives lots of statistics, so if your DSL connection is slow, you’ll have clues to go on.

    Big con: DynDNS host is passed to the WAN, but not to your local network. I had to hack my hosts file to get to my own web site!

    More later, because even my worst Speedstream modem was good for 24 hours.

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