I’m writing this from my new house, connected via DSL to my Web server, running off my DSL connection at my apartment. Let me say this: DSL was much easier in the early days when you just got a DHCP connection. Configuring PPPoE is a royal pain.
But I’ve got an old Pentium with a pair of NICs in it running Coyote Linux, with an old Celeron PC running Windows 98 connected via a crossover cable, since the Linksys router is still at the apartment keeping the magic alive there.

DSL works most reliably from my front room, which isn’t what I want to use as a computer room, so I guess I’ll be running some Ethernet cables.

But most importantly, I can now respond to late-night pages and pcAnywhere into the network at work and fix things. So I guess that means I can start sleeping here. That’ll be nice. This neighborhood is a lot quieter than my apartment complex.

Interestingly enough, as I cobbled together some PCs from parts to get this stuff up and going, I found some Pentium motherboards that wouldn’t even boot Windows 98 properly (the DSL setup has to run from Windows). Linux installs effortlessly on them.