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McAlester, OK hates Fred Phelps

I’m very sorry to report that when Fred Phelps and a few of his minions were waving their Thank-God-for-dead-soldiers signs at Sgt Jason James McCluskey’s funeral, somebody slashed his tires.

I’m also sorry to report that no shop in town was willing to service Mr. Phelps’ Honda minivan that day.

I’m sorrier still that the Tulsa World printed a photograph of said Honda minivan limping on two tires, with Kansas license plate 550 CUV plainly visible.

Sgt McCluskey died for you too, Mr. Phelps.

3 thoughts on “McAlester, OK hates Fred Phelps”

    1. True, they’re just as intolerant as Phelps is. The inconvenient truth for Phelps is that the country he hates so much is the one place in the world that his particular set of peculiar beliefs and the vile things that spew out of his mouth won’t get him jailed or killed.

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