Maybe this is the end of being like a yo-yo

I run this website on a shoestring budget, using a PC in my office strung off my home broadband connection. I’ve been doing it this way for something like 7 years.

That was all fine and good, but it stopped being reliable recently.My ISP hands out IP addresses over DHCP. It saves them some money and probably helps prevent abuse. It used to be that my address could go for months without changing. But recently that changed, and my address can change several times a day now.

I had a hardware device on my network that used to detect these changes and do all the updates that were necessary to keep me online at all the time. But then that stopped working.

I’ve fixed that now, so this web site should be a lot more reliable now. At least, if my Internet connection is up, my web site will be up.

My connection does still drop occasionally for no good reason. Southwestern Bell swears there’s nothing wrong with my connection. But I’ll fix one problem at a time.

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