Lowe’s just doesn’t get hyperlinks

Lowe’s has a long license to link to its site.

Let it be known that if you want to link to me, you can just do it. Link to any page you want, as many times as you want. You’re doing me a favor if you do. In fact, I find it funny that a commercial site would tangle up something as important as linking in bureaucracy like that. As much as they worry about SEO, there’s still nothing in the world that improves your search results like good, old-fashioned 1994-era links.
I’m not sure what Lowe’s is afraid of–somebody seeing something they like and buying something? It works for Amazon. I write about things, link to them on Amazon, and people click on them. Some even buy the stuff, or something similar. Amazon’s happy, I’m happy to pocket a few nickels, and presumably the readers are happy because they found a solution to whatever problem they needed to solve.

It amazes me how many companies still don’t get the Internet. It’s a shame. I think Lowe’s sells the all-around best LED bulb available at retail right now, the store layout at Lowe’s makes more sense than Home Depot, Lowe’s generally has a better selection and better prices, and when I need something, Lowe’s employees hassle me a lot less.

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