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Looks like I’m a Florida Marlins fan now

I thought Boston would make it… And they broke my heart. Was it as bad as ’86? Not quite, but close. Very close.
Of course last night I thought the same thing about the Cubs, and they, too, once again flashed their unusual talent for pulling defeat from the clutching jaws of victory. So now we’ve got a Marlins/Yankees World Series, which means only one thing. I’m now a Marlins fan.

If the Cuban Nationals played the Yankees, I’d root for the Cubans.

At least with this arrangement, nobody questions my patriotism.

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5 thoughts on “Looks like I’m a Florida Marlins fan now”

  1. The only consolation to seeing both the Cubs and Red Sox fall short is the almost certainty that armageddon has been put on hold indefinitely. Go Marlins – I’m happy for Pudge – for his sake even Texans must smile.

  2. If it weren’t for so many people’s dislike of the Yankees, would there even be an audience for this year’s World Series? Consider how many million people were hanging on every game of both league’s championship series, and now won’t bother to watch. But I’m with you, Dave.

    Q: What’s the difference between a Yankees fan and a Marlins fan?
    A: About thirty years and a retirement account.

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