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Linux sites I read regularly. I had a conversation with someone yesterday, and sometime during the course of it, the person said, “I could know more about Linux than so-and-so within four weeks if I had time.” To which I replied he’d probably know more within a week. Then he cited the whole time thing.
That’s a problem for everybody, but there are Web sites that’ll help you get sharp and stay sharp, without spending an inordinate amount of time at Google. Here are my favorites.

LinuxToday. (Daily) I’ve been reading this site on a regular basis for more than three years. At one point it became a really obnoxious advocacy/attack site, but that’s calmed down and it’s a lot more professional now. If a Linux story appears somewhere, a link to it will show up here at some point during the day.

NewsForge. (Daily) Not as prolific as LinuxToday; occasionally gets the story sooner, but also produces much more of its own content.

Slashdot. (Daily) Not strictly a Unix or Linux site, but when they run a Unix or Linux story, it’s worth digging through the comments. High noise-to-signal ratio, but you’ll find buried gems you’re not likely to find elsewhere.

Linux Weekly News. (Weekly) A weekly summary of the biggest Linux headlines. If you can only afford the time to read one Linux news source, make a habit of reading this one every Thursday. You’ll find the week’s biggest headlines, plus any new developments in Linux distributions, applications, and the kernel, all boiled down and organized in one place.

LinuxWorld and LinuxPlanet. (Weekly) Two online Linux magazines, well-written, informative and useful. New content is posted irregularly; you won’t miss anything if you just visit each once a week.

Linux Gazette. (Monthly) Another online Linux magazine. It was much “thicker” (more articles) a couple of years ago, but it’s still worth visiting once a month. In 1997, it was just about all we had and I don’t know if we’d have the others if it hadn’t been for LG.

Sys Admin, Linux Journal, and Linux Magazine. (Monthly) Online versions of print magazines. Not exactly beginner stuff; these have useful content for professional admins and developers. The latter two have a little bit of stuff for end users. Read them and learn what you can from them. If you’re looking for a tax writeoff for yourself, or you have a couple hundred bucks left in your annual budget to burn, subscribe to these and think about buying their CD archives to get all the back issues.

Freshmeat. (whenever) Whenever a new open-source project is released, you’ll find the details here. Search here when you’re looking for something. Give it a cursory glance once in a while; you’ll find stuff you weren’t necessarily looking for but then wonder how you ever lived without it.

There are other sites, of course, but these are the sites that stood the test of time (for me at least).

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