Looks like we’ve hit the wall. Some times during the day, this P-120 just isn’t keeping up well, and last night when I experimented with setting up forums, the speed was acceptable locally but really sluggish outside where latency is much higher. So it’s looking like I’ll have to move the system to a faster machine.
I dropped the number of days’ worth of posts on the front page to three days, instead of seven, to help a little. That’ll cut the amount of data sent when the homepage hits by 50 percent, but I see that as a temporary fix. Earlier in the day I added the site’s URL to the Google and AltaVista search engines, which means more traffic, particularly as more content moves in. So the situation won’t get any better over time.

I’ve got some options, and I’ll have more options when my new Duron-750 arrives because it’ll displace another system.