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Jon, God just did something for me

I just found out that one of my best friends was in a terrible accident on Wednesday. Traffic stopped on the Interstate for no good reason, like it does all too often. So they stopped. Jon was talking on the phone in the passenger seat when he heard this big screech. A semi plowed into them, sent them hurtling up into the air. They came back down, hit the back of the semi in front of them, and landed on the driver’s side. As they were in the air, Jon said, “God, don’t let us die.” He’s got a wife and a seven-month-old daughter. Bill, the driver, isn’t a believer. Well, Jon looked over, expecting to see Bill dead. He was conscious. His hand was really messed up, but he was coherent. Bill said, “Jon, get me the h— out of here.” So Jon opened the passenger-side door, pulled Bill out of the seat, picked him up, and pushed him up out the door. By then a couple of people who happened to be paramedics from New Jersey had pulled over and started to help Bill. Jon walked away with just a couple of scrapes and bruises.
A day or two later, Bill said to Jon, “You know I’m not a religious man. But God just did something for me.”

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  1. Two paramedics from New Jersey??? Maybe. My bet is they came from the same place as the lady in the white van. (See Saturday, 28 July 2001)

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