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It\’s finally out!

OK, do I really need to tell you why you need The Complete Calvin and Hobbes?

I didn’t think so.My favorite one of all time, unfortunately, isn’t available on the Web anymore. It’s from March 31, 1986. Calvin has to go to the doctor. And the doctor approaches him with all the standard gear–tongue depressor, stethoscope–and a terrified Calvin keeps asking, “WHAT’S THAT!? WILL IT HURT?” And the doctor calmly tells him what it is and assures him that it won’t hurt at all.

Except for the last thing. Calvin asks his standard question, and then the doctor calmly says, “It’s a cattle prod. It hurts a little less than a branding iron.”

Calvin faints, and the doctor laments that kids have no sense of humor.

If I drop off the face of the earth for a month, it’ll be because I got my copy.

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7 thoughts on “It\’s finally out!”

  1. Costco (if you have one): $82.

    {Sam’s Club?}

    Not that I noticed or anything. I mean, the Father is like a mentor to me in passing along misinformation to my two…

    1. You mean like how they determine the weight limit of bridges by driving trucks of increasing size over it until it breaks, then they weigh the last truck and rebuild the bridge?

      I expect the prices of slightly-used copies on Amazon to deflate rather quickly.

    2. There’s a Costco off Highway 70 in St. Peters, MO. With the price of gas though .. I don’t think it’d be worth it to drive there. =)

      Or, you might have a vehicle that isn’t labeled an SUV and thus are able to drive distances without applying for a second mortgage. =)

      (Actually, my primary vehicle is a 1996 Mitsubishi Galant, 5-speed, 4 cylinder. Doesn’t get more economical than that. My wife’s vehicle is an Oldsmobile Bravada. SHE doesn’t go many places now. ;p)

      1. Luckily, that’s my Costco, and it’s only a 15 minutes away. Added bonus: as a member, I can fill up on gas for 12 cents/gal less (or even better) than anywhere else in the area. But I envy the folks on the other side of the state in St. Joe and Joplin, where prices are bottoming out at $2.18/gal, almost 40 cents/gal less than average around here.

        Wait, where are our promised $4 or $5/gal prices?

  2. Wow, wow, wow!


    That will make a great accessory to the Complete Far Side. I’m so there. I need to balance the bank account…

    Thanks Dave. ;p I guess that’s $94.50 less I’ll be paying on my mortgage this month. *cackle* *runs away*

  3. Saw this at the checkout line at my local Costco (the one on the east side of Plano, TX) yesterday for $80 and some-odd cents.

    BTW, I’ve already saved the yearly membership fee simply by buying gas there 🙂 And you can’t beat the cust service or the return policy. Costco ROCKS.

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