Veteran blogger John Dominik reported yesterday that upgrading to Firefox 13 fixed some problems for him. So of course he’ll be thrilled to know that Firefox released a new version the very next day. The. Very. Next. Day.

From a security standpoint, there are two things to like about the new version.

For one, it makes it a little more obvious when you’re on a web site with strong security. Anything that raises awareness is a good thing.

Secondly, traffic to Google defaults to HTTPS, or SSL. That makes it much more difficult for anyone else to see what you’re searching for. While I don’t care who knows that I’m searching for how to find all the acronyms in a Word document, I certainly don’t want anyone to know what medical information I’m searching on. Do you want to risk your insurance company finding out, deciding you have a pre-existing condition and canceling your medical coverage? I didn’t think so.

Is it an update I recommend? Yes. Am I running it myself? Yes. Is it a good excuse to post a link to John’s blog so Google might rank him a little higher? Yes again.