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Introducing the Silicon Underground Portal

Tonight, as I was preparing for my upcoming mission trip (read: doing laundry and waiting around on it), I started messing with a piece of software called bk2site.
Like most cool software, it’s included with Debian. RPMs and tarballs are available if your distro of choice lacks it. Its purpose is to take your Netscape/Mozilla/Galeon bookmarks file and a few RSS feeds of your choice and make a site out of it, much like the Yahoo! of many years ago before its size got out of hand.

Portals by definition are most useful to the person who created them, but I figure a bk2site-generated page is more useful than a cascade of links running down the side of this page, and even if it isn’t, it’s less work since links are automatically added to the page when I create a bookmark in Mozilla. And it’s certainly easier to find a link there than it is to dig through these archives to try to find when I mentioned something.

You can give the page a look by clicking here. The layout is very basic (I haven’t tweaked it yet), and I haven’t run around to all of my old PCs to dig out the forgotten treasures their browsers contain. I’ll do it as I think of it, and since I find new stuff all the time, I’ll add that as well.

And speaking of my trip, I’m flying to Florida bright and early Saturday morning. I actually got a head start on things since my Tuesday softball game was rained out. I don’t plan to bring a computer, so I’ll be silent here for a week, but you’ll be able to read about what my group is doing here. I’ll post an exact URL if I find one out.

R. Collins and Raunche will be keeping an eye on things while I’m gone, but I’m changing the passwords on all my PCs to keep them out of here. I’m sure that means they’ll be here day and night trying to break in, which is probably a good thing.

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2 thoughts on “Introducing the Silicon Underground Portal”

  1. I’ve always liked Galeon’s “My Portal”, and have thought about using it as a starting point for a links page whenever I get around to revising the home page/site that I started long ago. Something about the combination of the style and functionality of “My Portal” appeals to me.

    Having the links automatically update from the bookmarks file and other sites is a nice touch. Of course my bookmarks are usually full of stuff mostly of interest to me, and typically in a disorganized state. If I get them cleaned up a bit then the bk2site software might be worth a look.

  2. Hi Dave:

    Good luck and God bless on your mission trip in Florida (Belle Glade, right?)

    I look forward to reading about your Belle Glade work and adventures on this site when you get back. I hope you will share that with your readers.



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