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Internet Explorer 10 is out for Windows 7

Microsoft finally released IE10 for Windows 7 after a long development cycle. Conspiracy theorists think it had something to do with Windows 8 sales. Whatever the reason was, it’s out.

Allegedly, you can slipstream it using these official instructions. I’ll give it a whirl the next time I have to install Windows 7. If you want to slipstream all the other updates, here’s how. You can skip the IE9 part if you slipstream IE10.

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4 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 10 is out for Windows 7”

  1. Hi, I can not comment here: (don’t know why) … so I ask you there:
    I used your method to slipstream all the hotfixes and IE10, works good, now I am creating an All-In-One ISO (with all Windows 7 versions, both 32 and 64 bit) but I need to repeat the slipstreaming process for all the versions included into the wim (by using “dism.exe … /index:1 …” “index:2” etc…), so the process will take much longer… can you confirm that?

    1. Thanks for the comment. Posts close to new comments after 6 months; unfortunately on posts more than a few weeks old, I get a lot more people looking for an argument than good discussion. Sad.

      Regarding your real question, yes, repeating the process for all the versions seems to be necessary, and yes, it does take longer to do all of them. Not sure if it’s linear, or if all the 32-bit versions benefit from the first 32-bit slipstream and likewise for the 64-bit versions. It’s been a while since I needed to do that.

      I hope that helps.

  2. Well… I did it… about 4 hours for slipstreaming all the .MSU hotfixes (up to feb 2013) and IE10 for both 32 and 64 bit Win7 Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate, all in an All-In-One ISO file, total file size: 4,79 GB ( byte), not bad! 🙂 …but it won’t fit on a DVD5

    1. Excellent. Glad to hear it worked, and thanks for responding back. You had about a year’s worth of patches more than I had, so your estimate is much better than any estimate I can give at this point.

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