Integrating Windows and Linux, fornever and ever. Yes, the book that consumed much of my life and my health over the course of the past year or so since I finished Optimizing Windows has been quietly cancelled. I can’t say I’m happy about it. Actually there are a lot of things I’d like to say right now but I won’t. All rights did revert back to me, so I can find another publisher if I decide I want to finish it.

I’ve known about this for about a week, and the questions haven’t really gone away: Is this book like the ex-girlfriend I’m really better off without? Do I miss that book, or do I miss working on a book, period? Did I settle for a mediocre subject I wasn’t very comfortable with, just for the sake of writing a book?

So I’m toying with a subject I’m much more comfortable with, one that I have extremely strong opinions on, to see whether I’ve still got what it takes (mentally) to write a book. NaturallySpeaking will help with the physical part. I’ve started writing, slowly. Fortunately I have material I can dust off, clean up, and drop into place to jumpstart the project. Beyond that, I’m not going to say anything specific, except that I want to write for someone other than O’Reilly this time. I need a change of scenery. (And no one values loyalty these days anyway.)