I’m tempted by this Nook deal

Kmart is selling the Nook Simple Touch–the e-ink, black-and-white version–for $70, which is nearly 30% off. I’m tempted. Very tempted. Tempted even to buy one and just use it as–drum roll–an e-reader.

Disappointed in me?

Sure, I might root it and use it for some other things too, but e-ink is easy on the eyes, the Nook Simple Touch does display PDF files, and I have a large (legal) collection of PDFs that would be nice to read on something other than a computer screen.

The key, besides the price, is that it has a microSD slot. So I can load up my collection of PDFs onto a cheap 32 GB microSD card to read. If I run out of capacity, I can just get another card and swap cards in and out.

I might read Nook books on it sometimes too. I was searching for what, if anything, the CISSP CBK has to say about how long to retain suspended user accounts, and couldn’t find it from the index. So having a searchable electronic copy would be useful.

The nice Kmart near me is sold out of inventory, but the dumpy locations whose parking lots are always empty report they have stock. Assuming I don’t find a last-minute reason to skip this deal, I’ll probably be making a little road trip after work.

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One thought on “I’m tempted by this Nook deal

  • July 19, 2012 at 10:45 am

    I use my Kindle as a repository for PDF tech files. Kinda’, sorta’ handy in some environments when I don’t have access to a net-based solution.

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