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I’m back.

My DSL was down for about 36 hours, possibly longer. Southwestern Bell evidently was able to fix it during the night.
I’ve got to get in to work to babysit a server and call Compaq and scream bloody murder for not dispatching a technician when they said they would. I’ll be back in a while.

3 thoughts on “I’m back.”

  1. Speaking of Compaq, I am in Switzerland working for a customer who has provided me with two brand new Compaq DL580 servers to work on. I had to open the servers to install more memory and I noticed that they were only using two out of four processors in the machine. While running task manager I noticed that 4 processors are reported. These machines are using processors with the new Hyper Threading technology from Intel. I knew that the technology means that you “almost” have 4 available processors, I never thought that the OS would actually report them as four physical processors. Pretty interesting. I wonder if Linux would report four separate processors as well….

    /Dave T.

  2. That’s pretty crappy. According to 486-era specs, the original Pentium “almost” gave you two processors (I remember an early article describing a Pentium as almost like a 386DX and 486DX on the same die). Marchitecture strikes again. Intel must have hired the guys who measure hard drive capacity.

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