If you’re concerned that Lulzsec may have leaked data about you…

If you’re concerned that you might have been included in the massive data leak perpetrated by the short-lived hacking group Lulzsec, I have a couple of web sites for you to visit.

Here they are:



And if you have been leaked, you absolutely should go and change your passwords right now. Not just your e-mail passwords, but your bank account, eBay, and anything else that involves money. The database is out in the wild now, and other hackers and groups are using the information, so even though Lulzsec is defunct, the aftereffects will last for years.

One factoid that should frighten you: I know someone who collects passwords, and he merged the Lulzsec database with his own collection. If I remember the conversation correctly, nearly 60 percent of the passwords people were using were passwords he already had. Although the number of unique passwords you can type on a standard 104-key keyboard gets into huge numbers well beyond the numbers I know words to express–numbers that make the national debt look like whatever is in my son’s piggy bank–the actual number of passwords that humanity actually uses is much, much smaller.

I’ll have more on the topic of passwords very soon.

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