If you need a deal on a Nook Simple Touch, they’re on sale

Last Updated on April 17, 2017 by Dave Farquhar

Sears has the Nook Simple Touch on sale for $70. That’s about a 30% discount. (Thanks Dealnews!)

I guess I’ve had mine for about six weeks, and I like it. It’s the #2 e-reader, and I’ve run into problems in the past buying the #2 just on the basis of technical superiority (Amiga, anyone?), but if being able to load books on an SD card and the availability of free public domain e-books isn’t enough, you can root the device, load the Kindle Android app, and turn it into a Kindle.

So, even though Barnes & Noble definitely has something in the works, and B&N faces an uphill battle against the Amazon juggernaut, at 30% off I think the Nook Simple Touch is a worthwhile buy. I picked up a couple for gifts.

And if I’m stuck for gift ideas again next year, I can load up 32 GB microSD cards with free e-books to get out of that bind–once.

And as much as it pains me to say it, a Nook Simple Touch with a few gigabytes’ worth of e-books on an SD card will be more useful in 20 years than my Amiga is today. If I snarfed down the entirety of Manybooks.net today, I probably would still have things to read come 2032.

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