I’m a bit disillusioned today. Actually the last few days. I don’t deal well with pride and elitism.
Then I read something.

I’m not above a good fight, but I was so tired. I’d been fighting fundamentalist Christians for 20 years, had left my denomination, and had washed ashore with the only congregation that would have someone like me as their pastor. I didn’t have any fight left in me.

So I said the first thing that came to my mind.

“[expletive] A, man. [expletive]-A.”

I have found over the years that with some people, a well-placed “F-bomb” is the best pastoral move I can make. It’s like a conversational “Ctrl-Alt-Delete”. If nothing else works, just reboot and start over.

It’s the story of a hard-cussing preacher and one of his friends. It made me uncomfortable. So did the implied attitude that all you have to do to be a Christian is show up in church on Sunday.

But he had a real point: Show up. Leave the door cracked a little and see if God walks in. You don’t make yourself a Christian. God makes you a Christian.

As for the implication that all you have to do is show up on Sunday, read his own story and you see otherwise. So that apprehension was misguided. And he had Sundays right. Show up. Listen. Sing. Pray. Talk to people. Help put stuff away.

I used to have a church like that and I miss it. The Preacher is one of the most profane blogs I’ve seen. But he’s not wearing a mask. He even says he doesn’t necessarily believe in God all the time. He’s honest and he’s real, and that’s refreshing. I like him even if he makes me a little uncomfortable.

Read about The Preacher and George yourself. Then read The Preacher’s own story.