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If I’m making more mistakes lately…

Yesterday’s post was hastily done. A longtime reader pointed out one mistake, and a questionable one–a tricky was/were instance, which, since I wasn’t actually there to see the event, means I can’t actually tell you which one would be proper… Although in the rest of the English-speaking world, “were” would be correct. Except Canada, perhaps.

I have some, er, distractions going on lately.

My oldest son is going through some phases. He’s not real happy about potty training, and he’s afraid of monsters, which, as I understand, means his imagination and sense of vulnerability are developing. Both of the latter are good things, especially in the long run, but it means I have less time at night for things.

So the quality of my editing suffers. The quality of my writing may too, though I can write 20-25 words per minute when I get on a roll, which means I can pound out 600 words in less than 30 minutes.

My younger son plays off the older one, so sometimes both will get to screaming, which means I have to calm at least one of them down. That takes priority over writing.

So until this rides out, either quantity or quality will drop.

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