I now have a dog.

Last Updated on April 8, 2022 by Dave Farquhar

My wife asked me today if we could go look at dogs. We’ve been talking about getting one for a while. “Well,” I said. “You never just look at dogs. If there’s a dog there, you’ll come home with one.” I know these things. So I asked if we were ready if we came home with one.

She said we were. Next thing I knew, we were driving home with a dog in the back seat of our 2002 Honda Civic, trying to worm her way into the front.

Her name is Angel, and she’s a mutt, but mostly Labrador Retriever. What I liked about her is that she was affectionate but calm. She didn’t let the other dogs get her riled up.

We thought she was a year and three months old, but she’s actually more like 10 months old. So she’s still a puppy. A really big puppy, but a puppy.

Growing up, I had a dog until I was a junior in high school. Mom got a dog while I was in college, but I haven’t really had a dog since I was 17. So it’s time.

Update: Little did I know she would live 16 years with us. She was the best dog ever.

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