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I just got back from a Third Day concert

I just got back from a Third Day concert and I’m dead tired. I’ll say this about Third Day: they’re amazing musicians and they’re amazing men. Mac Powell was constantly reaching down to shake hands with people in front of the stage (and he let them be right up at the stage). If he didn’t have a guitar in his hands and he wasn’t singing, he was shaking someone’s hand. And at the end of the concert, all the band members handed their instruments to their techs, hugged each other, then went and spent several minutes shaking as many hands as they could.
Third Day did a live album last year, and it’s really good–I like it better than some of their studio albums–but I don’t think that album did their live shows justice. The visuals were stunning, but seeing them at work makes a big difference. They’re four guys who’ve known each other more than 10 years, and from all indications onstage, are really good friends. They all look like guys I went to college with. They’re genuine people, doing what they enjoy doing, and they have no pretentions about them, even though they are extremely good at what they do.

And “extremely good” is an understatement. You can always tell when a band sounds too good–you’ll never duplicate the studio sound onstage. But they adapted their songs for the live show and the songs didn’t sound at all compromised. I’ve seen a lot of bands live and heard even more live recordings, and these guys are the best. The two best live shows I’ve seen were U2 and The Cure, but these guys were better, although less flambouyant.

I’ll be back later today to talk about other stuff. See you in a few hours.

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3 thoughts on “I just got back from a Third Day concert”

  1. What a coinkydink… I opened for Third Day once. They’re great guys.

    And now I’ll just let myself out… assuming I don’t trip over all the names I’ve just dropped. :op

    So seriously… they are great guys. Mac is a genuine dude. We all talked backstage for a good while and he wasn’t the least bit aloof (which is a common trait among musicians, especially frontmen) nor were they pretentious in any way. The drummer and I talked at length just about the industry and touring and, well… drumming… (go figure), and he was just a straight-up nice guy. The guitarists both seemed a little reserved. They didn’t say much… OK, so they didn’t say anything… (that I can recall) but that could just be because they’re quiet. I tend to be the same way backstage, especially around people I don’t know, so I wouldn’t be so foolish as to assume that they had any kind of attitude. Basically, they’re all just family guys who love God and love what they do. And they write some of the best Worship music that’s out there right now. (Man I wish I could write worship like that) "Psalm 36" (Your Love Oh Lord) and "You’re Everywhere" are currently two of my favorites.


  2. There’s 5 of them in the band;) Mac, Mark, David, Brad, and Tai. Geof also plays with them, but he isn’t in the band…

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